Studying Photography is a challenging and rewarding experience. There has been a revolution in how images are made, encountered, and experienced in recent years in our medium. Through the course, students gain knowledge, experience, and professional skills that will enable them to succeed in their future careers.

The final year projects in our showcase illustrate the excellence of practices developed at the University of Portsmouth. Together with their accompanying online exhibition, Punctum, our students demonstrate their engagement with key debates within the realms of photography, art, and society as a whole.

Our students use photography as an interrogative and expressive tool, developing their experiences and ideas into an individual approach and resolution. You’ll notice a constant questioning of the photographic medium throughout the work, referencing its future through CGI, 3D scanning, social media, virtual displays, or referring to its history through analogue and traditional production techniques.

Students are encouraged to perceive and interpret the world in their own unique way. They’ve explored theoretical debates surrounding photography and acquired research skills that support informed and innovative work. Through the combination of photography projects and professional practice modules, they can develop their portfolios and gain work experience. With the help of our Alumni network, our graduates can explore the wide range of options available after graduation.

Our entire staff would like to congratulate all the students on their achievements and wish them all the best for the future.