Impressive track record for Degree Apprenticeships

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  • 07 February 2022
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Today (7 February) marks the start of National Apprenticeship Week 2022, and a great opportunity to celebrate the success of degree apprenticeships at the University.

With 19 different apprenticeships in our portfolio, the University currently has over 1,000 live apprentices enrolled: an incredible increase from just 7 in 2016 which demonstrates the appeal of undertaking a degree apprenticeship programme.

Degree Apprenticeship Manager Claire Middleton said: "Each year National Apprenticeship Week has a theme, and this year it is ‘Build the Future'. 

"Post covid, most employers are having difficulties in attracting and recruiting skilled staff to grow their businesses, so apprenticeships are seen to be a smart way of home growing talent and filling skills gaps."

Apprentices at the University

The University currently has 90 members of staff using apprenticeships for skills development on programmes including the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship and Project Manager Degree Apprenticeship. Additionally, a growing number of staff are working towards non-Degree apprenticeships, which include Data Analyst, Facilities Management, Accountancy and HR apprenticeships.

The University is also a strong recruiter of apprentices, offering opportunities to gain employment and training with a recognised qualification. Apprentices can study with training providers such as Chichester College on apprenticeships including Business Administrator and Laboratory Technician.

Since 2017, five recruited apprentices have successfully achieved their apprenticeship and have gone on to either permanent employment at the University or progressed to further study. Two apprentices are currently employed by the University working towards their Business Administrator apprenticeships, and a new apprentice role has been created in BAL to be advertised next month.

Sarah-Jane Williams, Senior Partner at Rex Consulting UK Ltd

Sarah-Jane is undertaking an MBA in Strategic Leadership (Senior Leader Apprenticeship), and believes that the degree apprenticeship has allowed her to develop her knowledge and skill set while also being able to apply this knowledge on the job.

Sarah-Jane said: “My increased knowledge and skills have resulted in my organisation cementing some critical business relationships. As such, the value placed on my role has increased. Whilst I am happy within my current role, I believe that this investment into my development will provide me with more career options in the future.”

Sarah-Jane Williams 2 - Degree Apprenticeship
Barnaby Thomas 2 - Degree Apprenticeship

Barnaby Thomas, Apprentice Administration Assistant in Research and Innovation Services (RIS) at the University of Portsmouth

Barnaby is currently working towards his Business Administrator apprenticeship whilst working in RIS. Barnaby said: “Since starting at the University I've had the chance to work alongside so many different people and been involved in so many different areas from events to marketing to committee support: all things that are new to me.


“Being an apprentice is a really great chance to focus on personal development, setting aside time each week to focus on learning something new or honing skills. Having the support of both my team and manager within RIS and my apprenticeship coaches has been so encouraging. The apprenticeship has given me the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in Higher Education in the future and particularly within Research Support - something I hadn’t even considered beforehand.”

Managers interested in recruiting an apprentice can contact for guidance and support from the HR Apprenticeship Coordinator.
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