University of Portsmouth launches a new course focused on environmental protection

As concern for our environment grows, a new combined BSc (Hons) Criminology with Environmental Justice degree is being launched this week at the University of Portsmouth.  

As one of the only courses of its kind, students will develop extensive knowledge of criminology, criminal justice and a strong technical and legal understanding of contemporary ‘green crime’.

The course will cover important issues, such as the exploitation of natural resources, corporate and governmental harms, pollution, environmental activism and wildlife crime, including the trade in endangered species.  Students will also learn about the latest investigative and forensic advances, used to detect, manage and disrupt environmental crime. 

Learning will be largely interactive, using relevant case studies and working alongside external partners, including law enforcement and Non-Governmental Organisations.  

Dr Nick Pamment, Principal Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice, says, “This course is at the cutting edge of criminology.  As criminologists we have so much to offer at a time when there is an unprecedented need to protect the environment.  This course will deal with critical issues that affect everyone.”   

Dr Pamment said: “Our students will ultimately leave this course with a wide range of future career prospects, in areas such as law enforcement, conservation, policy or environmental harm research.” 

To find out more please come along to our open day on the 22 September 2021 or visit:

Open day information can be found here: