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Heather Barrie made a leap from the corporate world to follow her passion, purchase a coffee truck and found Harrie’s Coffee

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Discovering, trialling and ultimately following your passion is a subject Heather Barrie who is one of our Entrepreneurs in Residence here at the University of Portsmouth, knows a lot about. 

Heather has a fascinating background that took her from the corporate world to making the leap of purchasing a coffee truck and becoming the founder of Harrie’s Coffee, an independent, ethical, Sussex-based coffee and coffee machine supplier. Heather has since won the Chichester Observer Business Award for her outstanding local business engagement and has appeared on BBC radio and TV including the Victoria Derbyshire Show. 

If you are hoping to find your passion in life and turn it into a business venture then we hope you will find this episode inspiring and it may even give you the confidence to take that leap of faith.

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