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Olly Shepherd

Director of Operations, SubSea Craft – Advanced Maritime Technology

MSc Leadership and Management, 2019

Olly is Director of Operations at Subsea Craft Ltd, having gained experience across the defence, intelligence and humanitarian sectors. Olly is a veteran, joining the Royal Navy directly from school where he qualified as a Mine Clearance Diver and High-Threat Bomb Disposal Officer. He has worked, managed, and commanded across the spectrum of Land, Maritime, and Joint Operations including multiple operational deployments in the Middle and Far East. Working within defence and national intelligence agencies, he led specialist teams countering global terrorist networks.

Since leaving the military, he has contributed to several international disarmament programmes within the humanitarian sector. As a Specialist Advisor, he has helped shape several international policies for mine clearance for the United Nations, enhancing safety in the most challenging of environments. In his current role as the Director of Operations at Subsea Craft, he supports the delivery of advanced maritime technology, blending digital innovation with the latest advances in cutting-edge technology to change the art of the possible.

Session overview

Would you be brave enough to cut the wire?

You’re faced with the ultimate risk. That moment when you have to trust your knowledge, your team, the environment around you, and finally bravely take the leap. This is a scenario our guest host, Olly Shepherd, has faced many times in his journey.

A master in resilience, Olly started his career as a mine clearance diver and high-threat bomb disposal officer, before leading specialist teams to counter global terrorist networks and to support global humanitarian organisations. Now, as the COO at Subsea Craft, he applies the skills he learnt to successful business leadership.

Join Olly as he shares his enthralling journey to COO, and his top three tips on how to be a resilient leader from the lessons he has learnt along the way.

All from the comfort of your own home, no risky wire cutting required.

Watch Bombs to Business: Lessons from the Front Line on Vimeo