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Health, wellbeing and social care research

Explore the work we're doing in health, wellbeing and social care, one of our areas of expertise in our Health and Care Professions research

The world's population is ageing and increased numbers of people are living with long-term health problems. Mental health issues are also becoming ever more widespread, and the treatments and interventions needed are frequently complex.

But with limited resources available for support and treatment, difficult decisions about health and social care need to be taken – and our research in Health, Wellbeing and Social Care is helping to inform how they're made.


Our research focuses on using evidence from a range of sources to inform decision-making about health and social care interventions, with a particular emphasis on people with complex health and care needs, such as those living with multiple morbidities, long-term conditions, and frailty.

We're investigating the effectiveness and safety of existing treatments, and putting our knowledge and expertise to work finding new ways to treat patients.

Our work is already being used to inform policy. For example, our review of the effects of 'social prescribing' – a process which allows local agencies to refer people to a link worker who is able to take a holistic approach to somebody’s health and wellbeing – has been referred to by NHS England in the recent loneliness strategy.  Our investigation into different types of flooring is helping prevent injurious falls, and will inform estates and facilities management decisions within the NHS and care homes.

Within the Health, Wellbeing and Social Care research area, our academics bring a combined expertise in evidence synthesis and mixed methods evaluation, with specialist knowledge of research design, ethics, statistical analysis, and patient and public involvement.

Our research also includes developing methods for synthesising and reporting different types of research – for example, in our application of systematic review methods to laboratory-based cancer research.

Partnership and funders

Recent funders for our research include the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), the Nuffield Foundation and local and national charities. We also have a close link with Age UK Portsmouth – which enables us to engage people with our research – and with organisations such as Cochrane, who provide access to cutting-edge developments in the fields of systematic reviews.

Recent project and publication highlights include

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