Safety and Medical Aspects of Cold Water Swimming Short course


Cold water swimming is becoming increasingly popular. But it relies on a few experienced supporters and medical professionals to ensure the safety of those pursuing this activity.

On this Safety and Medical Aspects of Cold Water Swimming short course, you'll learn about the problems that can occur when cold water swimming, how to avoid them, and what to do if they happen. You'll cover the physiology behind the activity, and get practical advice on medical check-ups and support.

Designed for all levels of expertise, you could be a medic or paramedic that wants to specialise in supporting cold water swimmers, or you could have a friend or relative that's getting involved with the activity.

Course details


  • Mode of study: Direct contact
  • Duration: Half, or full day
  • Start and end dates: As arranged


  • Half-day: £300
  • Full day: £600

What you'll experience

On this short course, you'll cover topics such as:

  • the basic physiology which underpins much of the practical advice
  • requirements of medical check-ups
  • support for cold water swimming


You'll be taught by Heather Massey, a physiologist and open water and ice swimmer. The facilities in the department also support this course, with an immersion pool that can create temperatures from 4 to 40 degrees.

Entry requirements

This course is for all levels of expertise, from those who support cold water swimmers, right through to the medics and paramedics looking to extend their medical knowledge and develop an awareness of the problems that can occur with swimming in cold water.

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