Doctor of Law

A leading expert on health and social care, David’s passionate commitment to transforming the life chances of oppressed, vulnerable and disadvantaged people has been hugely influential in shaping social policy, nationally and internationally. His work currently focuses on how best to redress the physical and mental health deficits in our population, and reduce the growing health inequalities in society.

David has led many public sector organisations in medicine, health and social care, social work, forensic science, and criminal and civil justice. Commissioned by the Government, he wrote an independent review of social work education which was hugely welcomed by the profession. He also created a programme of public lectures on the new Integrated Care Systems, which will be the foundation of Britain’s future health service.

Currently, David chairs the Royal College of Physicians; Dementia UK; BeyondAutism; and the Clinical, Public Health and Social Care Advisory Committees which create national guidelines for excellence.