From a dedicated art supplies store for creatives and surveying gear for civil engineering students, to computer equipment loans and specialised media production spaces, our support facilities and resources are designed to help our students meet the demands of their coursework and projects.

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Device loans library

Find out more about the equipment available for our students to borrow from our device loans library – from smart watches to Raspberry Pi devices.

Computer board
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Eldon Art Shop

Whether you're studying a creative degree or want to pick up some supplies, our Eldon Art Shop has the materials you'll need for your coursework or project.

Helen Yates - B roll Day 3
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Drama Equipment Loan Store

Discover our range of specialist equipment to hire for drama and musical theatre rehearsals and performances.

10th December 2018CCI Facilities and Students
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Find out about the various global financial databases – delivering real-time and historical data – that our students access during seminars, research, courses and papers.

Student at a computer
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