I serve as a Senior Lecturer within the Department of Organizations, Systems, and People (OSP) housed within the distinguished Faculty of Business and Law (BaL) at our esteemed university. My academic responsibilities encompass the role of module coordinator for three pivotal courses: Digital Technology and Innovation (PG), Digital Technology in Business (PG-Apprentice), and Electronic and Mobile Commerce (UG).

My professional journey has traversed international borders, offering me invaluable insights from diverse contexts. I initiated my career in Pakistan, subsequently enriching my academic and professional repertoire over the course of nearly a decade in Malaysia. My academic odyssey commenced in 2008, marking a dedicated commitment to the pursuit of knowledge.

In addition to my academic pursuits, I have contributed my expertise to various renowned organizations, lending my skills to Praesidium Consultants, Pizza Hut, and Thomson Reuters. These varied experiences have endowed me with a multifaceted perspective that complements my role as an educator and module coordinator.


I earned my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Information Technology, achieving distinction, from Comsats University, Islamabad, Pakistan, in the year 2007. Following my undergraduate studies, I embarked on a professional journey that encompassed diverse roles at Praesidium Consultants, Pizza Hut, and Comsats University.

In 2008, I was granted a scholarship opportunity that set the course for my academic pursuits. I pursued a Master of Science (MSc) in Information Technology (Knowledge Management) and subsequently, in 2010, a Doctorate (PhD) in Information Technology (IT) (Software Engineering) at Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP), Malaysia. Concurrently with my studies, I served as a dedicated tutor and graduate assistant at UTP from 2008 through 2013.

In 2013, I transitioned to the corporate world, joining Thomson Reuters as a research analyst, where I further honed my analytical skills. However, my passion for academia beckoned, and in 2014, I made the deliberate choice to return to the academic sphere by accepting the role of Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Systems within the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Kampar, Malaysia.

Throughout my academic journey, my endeavors have consistently converged at the intersection of Information Technology (IT) and human dynamics. My research pursuits have spanned various domains, including knowledge management with a specific focus on knowledge sharing, behavioral software engineering, and the critical issue of cyberbullying. As my academic career evolves, I remain committed to exploring innovative avenues within the broader interdisciplinary framework that encompasses the interconnected realms of humans, technology, and organizations.

Research interests

My research interests are situated at the intriguing convergence of technology, organizations, and society. Within this interdisciplinary domain, my academic journey has encompassed a diverse array of investigations, delving into critical aspects of software engineering, knowledge management, and cybersecurity.

In the realm of software engineering, I have dedicated my efforts to understanding and unraveling the nuances of creativity in software engineering. My primary work in this sphere deals with seeking to unearth the factors and mechanisms that foster creativity and ingenuity of the programmers, ultimately contributing to advancements in software engineering practices.

Within the domain of knowledge management, my research endeavors have focused extensively on knowledge sharing. This line of inquiry aimed to illuminate the intricate motivators involved in the effective dissemination and utilization of knowledge within organizations, thereby enhancing individual capacity for innovation and competitive advantage.

Furthermore, more recently, my research has ventured into the realm of cybersecurity, with a particular emphasis on combatting cyberbullying. This vital area of study addresses the pervasive issue of online harassment and seeks to develop strategies and interventions that mitigate its harmful effects, safeguarding the digital well-being of individuals and communities. Moreover, I have also ventured into parent's role in ensuring cyber wellbeing of their children.

In sum, my research pursuits are driven by a steadfast commitment to uncovering insights that bridge the gap between technology, organizations, and society. By delving into the intricacies of programmer's creativity, knowledge sharing, and cyberbullying, I aim to contribute to a deeper understanding of these phenomena and to foster positive advancements within our ever-evolving technological landscape.

I am currently accepting PhD students in the above mentioned broader areas of research

Teaching responsibilities

Since the inception of my teaching career in 2008, I have had the privilege of imparting knowledge across a diverse spectrum of modules and institutions, spanning multiple countries. During my tenure at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Malaysia, I had the honor of contributing to the Department of Information Systems within the esteemed Faculty of Information and Communication Technology.

Within this capacity, I assumed a central role in module coordination, overseeing courses encompassing digital commerce, digital and technology entrepreneurship, business and management information systems, as well as business analytics. Additionally, I held the esteemed certification of Alibaba Teacher and served as a mentor within the Unovate Incubator program at UTAR.

Presently, in my role at the University of Portsmouth, I bear the responsibility of coordinating three pivotal modules, namely Digital Technology and Innovation (PG), Digital Technology in Business (PG-Apprentice), and Electronic and Mobile Commerce (UG). This role underscores my unwavering commitment to facilitating the educational pursuits of our students while fostering a dynamic learning environment.