My research interests are the multiscale modelling for degradation of lithium-ion batteries, micromechanical modelling and failure analyses of heterogeneous materials such as polycrystalline aggregates, laminated composites and hierarchical bone structures. Currently, I am focused on developing novel mathematical models of lithium-ion cells.

I apply finite element and boundary element methods on mechanical engineering systems and their mathematical modelling. I am also one of the developers of BESLE: Boundary Element Software for 3D Linear Elasticity, which is the first available parallel open-source code to analyse the mechanical behaviour of heterogeneous materials using the boundary element method. The software is capable of simulating both isotropic and anisotropic materials comprised of single or multiple domains. Also, simulations involving many complex material constituents. Currently I am working with collaborators from Brazil in a thermo-elasticity module to be added in the new version of BESLE.

Teaching responsibilities

  • Solid Mechanics and Dynamics (Module Coordinator)
  • Engineering Mathematics & Numerical Analysis (Module Coordinator)