I have joined the Faculty of Business and Law, Portsmouth University, as a lecturer in Accounting and Financial Management back in December 2016 before getting promoted to a senior lecturer in March 2019. 

In January 2016, I started my part-time job as an associate lecturer at Birkbeck College, University of London.

From Feb 2013- May 2015, I worked as an assistant lecturer at the Open University, Egypt.

I taught a variety of busines modules since I have started teaching such as financial accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, financial management, business planning, financial analysis, data visualisation, the role of digital applications, etc.

In Industry, I worked as a full-time accountant in the Egyptian Agricultural Bank for 8 years before switching to Academia. 

I have been an investor in a number of International Stock Exchanges including New York and London Stock exchanges for more than 10 years. 

I have published 17 research articles in peer-reviewed and top-ranked ABS journals, 8 on ABS 3* Journals and 1 on ABS 4* Journal. 

I supervised a number of master students and recently 3 of my PhD students have successfully awarded their PhD degree under my supervision. 

I am a guest editor of a special issue announced by the Accounting Research Journal entitled "The convergence of Big Data and Accounting". 

I am an associate editor in Accounting Research Journal since 2021 - present. 

In 2012, my MSc thesis research paper was awarded the “Best Paper Award” from the European International Academic Conference held in Italy.

In 2015, my project proposal on risk disclosure economic consequences  won a Ph.D. Fund of £14,057 annually for 3 years from Plymouth University.

In 2016, my paper “Economic growth & cost stickiness” was awarded the Award for Excellence from Emerald.

I won the IKB Bursary from Portsmouth Business School in December 2017. 

I won A Ph. D bursary award from Portsmouth Business School in November 2017 as a first supervisor. 

Overall, I have been lucky enough to get a diversified experience through my work in different institutions in different sectors, as a banker for 8 years, as a researcher and a lecturer since 2012, and as an investor in Int. Stock Exchanges for more than 10 years. 

Research interests

Research has become a core of my life, I enjoy doing a research a lot. I am interested in some research areas including financial reporting, cost stickiness, Earnings Managements, Big Data, Digital Disruption, and Digital Transformation. 

My master thesis examines the impact of historical costing on real earnings management. 

My Ph. D thesis examines the economic consequences of risk disclosure quality. 

One of my research papers introduces a new definition of risk disclosure. 

Also, I have a number of papers that examine cost behavior or cost stickiness phenomenon. 

I examine also different types of earnings management such as income smoothing, accruals management, and real earnings management. 

My research interests include: 

  • Financial Reporting
  • Earnings Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Cost Behaviour and cost stickiness 
  • Big Data and digital transformation 
  • Data Visualisation (reader only)
  • Blockchain (reader only)


Teaching responsibilities

I have taught a variety of business and technology modules such as financial accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, strategic management accounting, financial management, data visualization, digital transformation, and the role of digital applciations.  

My current teaching responsibilities at Portsmouth University include co-ordination of three MSc Modules since 2018, development and design of content of these modules, and delivering workshops of these Modules in addition to DL teaching responsbilities: 

  • Financial Analysis (Campus and DL)
  • Business Planning
  • Business Analysis and Decision Making
  • Data Processing and Visualization
  • Digital Transformation