I received my Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences from the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France) in 2008 and my Master’s degree in Oceanography and Marine Environments from the Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris 6 (France) in 2010. I then received my PhD from the University of Strasbourg in 2014 and my thesis focused on the adaptative capacities of seabirds to face environmental variability and the role of heterogeneity within populations, with a particular emphasis on animal personality.

I joined the University of Portsmouth in 2018 as a Research Associate, progressing to my current position in 2020. Before that, I worked as a Research Associate and volunteered in various institutions in the French West Indies, including the non-profit Marine Institute of Martinique (Observatoire du Milieu Marin Martiniquais).

Research interests

My research focuses on nature’s benefits to people, examining:

  • Coastal and marine ecosystems
  • Birds, and more particularly seabirds and waterbirds
  • Ecosystems’ ecological condition
  • Functional ecology and ecosystem services valuation
  • Nature-based solutions in the marine environment