Research interests

I specialized in applying multidisciplinary approaches for the conservation of marine biodiversity, working in the interface between research and practice. Early on in my academic career I focused on vairous systems as models, including coral reefs, coral's microbiota, plankton, seagrasses and rocky shores and used experimental approaches to describe ecological processes and the mechanisms that underpin them.

As I increase my time as practitioner, I became interested in socio-ecological systems and completed a Doctorate in conservation and management of marine resources. My  focus is on rare species,  monitoring techniques to assess their status and that of marine biodiversity more accurately, leveraging technology to improve the way and the pace high-level indicators are infromed and updated.


Teaching responsibilities


  • Course Lead for teh MSc in Applied Aquatic Biology
  • Coordinator M28934 Science and the Media
  • Coordinator M20154 Aquatic Biology research Project
  • Contributor:
    • Research Skills | Statistics
    • Marine Planning, Policy and Conservation | Prioritisation frameworks for species conservation


  • Contributor:
    • Experimental Biology | Statistics (L4)
    • Introduction to Marine Ecology and Ocenography | Species Interactions (L4)
    • Marine Organisms and Ecosystems | Plankton, Macroalgae, Coral Reefs (L5)
    • Ecology Skills and Field Course | Biogeography , Modelling Species Interactions (L5)
    • Marine Ecology and Conservation | Megafauna (L6)
    • Marine Ecophysiology | Physiological Responses of Macroalgae (L6)