After completing my Phd at the Department of Mathematics (University of Portsmouth), I have been a post-doctoral researcher on two EU-funded projects under the 7th Framework Programme: LOGMAN ( and SEABILLA ( Since 2011, I have been lecturing at the Faculty of Business and Law. My main research interests are in algorithmic design for combinatorial optimisation problems with a particular interest in transport logistics and the use of fuzzy logic to deal with uncertain environments in real-time optimisation. I have worked with industry in the defence and maritime logistics sector.

Research interests

Design and calibration of approximation algorithms (e.g. heuristics, meta-heuristics, hybrid concepts)

  • Fuzzy logic.
  • Operational efficiency in supply chains: Decision support systems in dynamic and sustainable transport, road and carbon pricing, fleet management, resource scheduling.
  • Applications in maritime logistics and manufacturing, food supply chains, green logistics.