I am a Teaching Fellow at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies at the  University of Portsmouth: delivering the policing degree to the next generation of police officers in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, alongside Firearms Investigation, for the BSc in Criminology and Forensic Studies for 2nd year students.  I also act as an Indpendent Assesor for the degree apprentiship program with the Police Education Consrtium. 

I am a highly motivated and dedicated individual with over 30 years’ experience as a Police Officer and 20 years’ experience in the Reserve Forces (Army) (now retired); 

My professional interests are in: specialist policing, leadership, motivation, training: the development of knowledge and education. Having completed a BA (Hons) in Education and Training and an MSc in Education and Training Management.

I served with the Army reserves, starting with the Royal Military Police and then with the Military Provost Staff Corps retiring as a SNCO. I have worked with NATO as part of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps. I have worked with multi-national units, liaising with other MP, Detention and front line units in Europe. I deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 and completed a 7 month tour, working with UK, Danish, Canadian, Estonian and US assets in detention operations.

Research interests

I am interested in the professionalisation of the police and wider law enforcement. This includes the relationship between education, practice and continual professional development.

I am also interested in how leadership and poitics influsens the development of police education and training.