Dr Stephanie Bennett is a Chartered Psychologist and has been working in Psychology and allied disciplines for over 20 years, with experience of working for the NHS, NGOs as well as extensive experience of teaching and researching both Psychology and Criminology in academic settings. Stephanie is a specialist in quantitative research methods, in particular survey design and analysing survey data using descriptive and inferential methods.

Stephanie’s research has had a focus on cognitive development in children with and without developmental disability, evaluating the impact of school and home-based educational interventions. Stephanie’s PhD explored the development of vocational interest and abilities in secondary school aged children. Stephanie is currently working closely with the OU Children’s Research Centre (CRC) and has currently completed 2 projects with them so far, and presently in the planning stages for a further project : exploring the impact of having a parent in prison on children and young people.

After her PhD, Stephanie has completed a Masters in Crime Science Intelligence and Investigation, focussing on evaluating witness interviews for children who have been trafficked into the UK. Stephanie has just finished a project exploring why police officers leave the police (paper currently under review) and is on the team of researchers at Portsmouth on the large scale project ‘Policing the Pandemic').

Research interests

Criminal Psychology, Crime Science, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Down syndrome, Developmental disability, Early communication, Educational intervention, Executive functioning, Forensic Science, Research methods and statistics, Online-learning, Problem solving, Reasoning, Working memory, Vocational interests.