I am Associate Dean of Students for the Faculty of Business and Law and Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise.

I am an entrepreneurship and innovation educator and researcher with a multidisciplinary, multilevel approach to the evaluation of value creation activity.  This focuses on the role of entrepreneurial ecosystem players such as universities, students, lecturers, small businesses and enterprises and how their interactions and process and environmental conditions affect their entrepreneurship and teaching practice.

I have successfully tendered and led research projects funded by the ERDF, ESRC, UKRI, OfS, LfHE, and HEA. I have won funds as Principal Investigator of £0.66m in the past 3 years and led the research as part of projects worth 2.34m Euros funded from the UK and Europe

I have published in journals including: The Journal of General Management, Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management, and International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations.

Research interests

My research interests are entrepreneurship, innovation and knowledge exchange, particularly in resource-constrained environments.

Recently I have successfully led the Creative Students Creating Business Project. This OfS and UKRI £0.5M funded project focused on a multistakeholder approach to explore the outcomes and practice of Student Engagement in Knowledge Exchange (SEKE). We have worked with external organisations, academics and students to determine good practices that can guide effective outcomes for KE participants.

I have led a multidisciplinary team on Accelerating Women’s Enterprise international collaborative project to better understand the gendered behaviour of entrepreneurial ecosystems and to deliver training and development to entrepreneurs to overcome some of these challenges. 

My work has a strong approach to innovation where impact is a key factor e.g. educating entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds to start their businesses, creating a toolkit to enhance engagement in Knowledge Exchange that involves students and how partners in multistakeholder projects can maximise the value that they generate.  I am also furthering KE and dissemination through the use of podcasts.

Current funding includes:

  • Accelerating Women’s Enterprise, AWE £156k (extension)
  • Creative Student Creating Business, UKRI and OFS £0.5m