I am a Senior Lecturer in Human Computer Interaction and Research Methods at the School of Computing, University of Portsmouth. I am also the course leader for the Masters of Research in Technology.My research interests lie in tools and applications that support mental health and wellbeing. My expertise lies in user centred design and evaluation, including acceptance, user enjoyment, usability and accessibility.

I am a member of the University of Portsmouth Centre for Healthcare Modelling & Informatics and the University of the Portsmouth Ageing Network (UPAN). My PhD looked at developing algorithms to analyse Web page accessibility (2008).  I also have a Masters in Human Centred Computer Systems.  With 17 years of providing consultation in interface usability and accessibility, I am also experienced in empirical research with the elderly and disabled.  I have been involved in several research projects relating to the design of mobile applications to support wellbeing, relating to different user groups including older people. Current research projects are looking at the effects of interactive tables facilitating social interaction on people with moderate to severe dementia and online shopping behaviour in older people.

Research interests

  • Tools and applications to support wellbeing. This can apply to tools that facilitate cognitive restructuring, behaviour modification, self-monitoring, self-soothing and others. In addition, tools that meet the specific needs of people recovering from mental illness.  Furthermore, tools that can fascilitate behavioural change for example, increased adherence to prescribed interventions as well as motivation in increased actvity in older people
  • Looking at usability and accessibility issues for web-based resources, for people experiencing mental health problems. The Web is providing increased access to the provision of health care, as well as a variety of resources that facilitate support and self-help. Accessibility is an important consideration.