I am an engineering geomorphologist involved in the investigation and management of geological hazards and adaptation to the impacts of climate change. I’ve got current research projects looking at landslides in China, the geotechnical properties of the Hampshire Basin, and the impacts of geohazards on the UK economy and tourism industry.

Before joining the University in 2009, I was Chief Engineering Geologist and Head of Science (Land Use and Development) at the British Geological Survey, overseeing research teams including teams investigating Shallow Geohazards, Engineering Geology, Urban Geoscience and Soil Sustainability. I was heavily involved in the BGS geohazard response programme, investigating and reporting on landslides, coastal erosion, floods and earthquakes.

Research interests

Reducing Economic and Social Impacts of Natural Hazards

Research into the nature and distribution of hazards and their consequences. Research also looks at the role of communication in effective risk mitigation.

The role of landscape evolution in disasters

Investigating the use of remote sensing and field techniques to establish whether a greater understanding of the tectonic and slope evolution of a mountainous region can be identified and integrated with risk modelling for future disasters.

Regional modelling of geotechnical properties and landslides

Research into the 2D and 3D nature of geotechnical properties in the Hampshire Basin, correlations with stratigraphy and landslide susceptibility.

Remote Measurement of Soil Behaviour

Investigating how UV/NIR sensing technology can be used to determine soil properties (mineralogy, particle size, clay content, moisture content). Specific research to develop remote sensing indices for the remote detection of landslide ‘condition’ and susceptibility to failure.