I joined Portsmouth in 2005. I studied interior design at Kingston Polytechnic and Visual Art at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton. I previously worked in retail practices and for Hampshire County Architects before moving into teaching at London Metropolitan University. I am a founder member of Mitchell Bould, 2000-2008, a collective arts practice that investigated drawing and collaborative processes through inter-disciplinary and interactive projects. My research interests focus on the representation of the interior, and on bodily interactions with space, both strands being strongly collaborative in nature.

Research interests

My research takes place through collaborative and interdisciplinary processes and is focused around sensory and embodied practices.  Current research focuses on ‘re-imagining the door’, a project that investigates ways of mapping and notating bodies and their responses to architectural space.  The research looks at what forms of notation are appropriate, and how these findings can be used to affect and enhance the design process.  This project is in collaboration with Kate Baker.

I also engage in research through exhibition, most recently, ‘Sites of exchange: materialising conversations’, a research led exhibition that explored making as a way of investigating and sharing ideas.  The project questioned how act of doing inform research and its interpretation.  The gallery acted as an inter-disciplinary laboratory bringing together unique ideas, opening new dialogues though the art of inquiry.   New work from this project was developed for exhibition at Situation, Design Hub RMIT, Melbourne, Australia.

My teaching practice and research focuses on ways of contributing to the built environment, that include process as well as product, everyday actions, exchange through conversation, drawing, making and thinking.