I am an Associate Professor in Marine Resource Economics.

I was awarded a PhD in Fisheries Economics and Management by the University of Portsmouth.  I was a Research Fellow at the University’s Centre for the Economics and Management of Aquatic Resources (CEMARE) prior to be appointed Lecturer. My main academic interests lie within the broad field of blue economy development with a specialised focus on fisheries and aquaculture economics and management.  I have been awarded funding for several multidisciplinary EU projects and other funding bodies e.g. NERC and the FAO, most recently (in September 2019) an Interreg project, which will focus on tackling marine litter.

Research interests

My main areas of research relate to the blue economy and governance. Most recently, I started to work on a project that tackles the marine litter problem, by developing new fishing gear that is biodegradable in the marine environment. I am also currently working with DG MARE on the EU’s Atlantic Strategy and am the UK lead for the EU’s Atlantic Action Plan. I also currently contribute to other projects at the University that relate to blue economy development, such as improving fisheries management (EU projects Pandora and Farfish) and valuing natural capital in the Marine Environment (Interreg RANTRANS project) and am an active member of the recently formed Centre for Blue Governance at the University.

I am author and co-author of various journal articles, book chapters, research reports and consultancy reports. My most recent publication is co-authored by one of my PhD students on managing UK fisheries post-Brexit, which also led to publications in The Conversation and the World Politics Review. I have also disseminated the results of research activities at international conferences and workshops, throughout Europe, Asia and the USA, most recently at the Vancouver Fisheries Management Conference in 2018. I have also recently organised and chaired workshops in the UK for DEFRA and the European Commission focussing on developing the potential of the blue economy.

Teaching responsibilities

I am currently the coordinator for Postgraduate Dissertations. I also teach on units in other faculties such as the Coastal and Marine Resource Management course in the Geography Department and contribute to Blue Economy Classes for the Centre for Blue Governance.