I joined the academic staff in 2015. My extensive broadcast documentary and drama experience behind the camera enrich the student experience with active engagement on industry commissions and by placing practical filmmaking skills into the hands of the next generation of filmmakers.

Over thirty years shooting films the world over for U.K and U.S television networks have equipped me with an innate ability to chart a film’s unfolding narrative and empathise with its characters swiftly. My documentaries background lends to my drama work a naturalistic edge and ensures an efficient working ethic on location. My understanding of film language, lighting principles, and ability to construct scenes intuitively and desire to work as part of a creative team are assets available to all undergraduate filmmakers.

‘The Gospel of John’ enjoyed an Easter premiere on BBC 1 and my work on ‘Martin Luther’ marks the 500th centenary on US TV. I worked on the Michael Caine ‘My Generation’ documentary and was part of the Channel 4 ‘Dispatches: Phone-hacking’ team referenced by the Leveson Enquiry. My writing collaboration with Garo Berberian on ‘Return of the Tyke’ won an ARPA Award, and we work together on a film set during the Armenian Genocide: ‘Taniel’.

Research interests

My Generation

I was Director of Photography on this major documentary featuring Sir Michael Caine as he retraces the creative influence of the Working Class during the 1960s. Two undergraduates worked with Sir Michael Caine and me on set.


I was Director of Photography for a major docudrama on the life of the revolutionary German monk who set Europe aflame with his infamous stand against papal corruption. Two film students shadowed me on location in Poland.


A short art film by Garo Berberian about the life of Armenian Poet Taniel Varoujan before he was murdered in the Armenian Genocide. Based on true events and the poetry of Varoujan and Ben Hodgson, this art film shows the last months of his life until his murder in 1915. Taniel draws on the talents of University of Portsmouth undergraduates.

Cry Baby: A Portsmouth Festival Lecture

It’s a child’s toy. It’s the only instrument through which you breathe. It has the power of a locomotive yet sleeps in your pocket and cries like a baby. I take you on a journey of Blues Harmonica, from Germany to Liverpool via the Southern States, discovering some of the greatest players in history.

Teaching responsibilities

  • Unit Co-ordinator, Shooting Techniques
  • Unit Lecturer, External Live Brief
  • Unit Lecturer, Cinematography & Sound
  • Unit Lecturer, Graduate Film
  • Unit Lecturer, Project Initiation & Career Management