Graduate of the University of Leicester (BA and PhD).  My first job was working in Bristol and then City University London managing the 1970 Birth Cohort Study (BCS70), in particular, writing a report (with John Bynner) on adult literacy that directly led to the UK Government 'Skills for Life' programme. In 1993, I joined the Department of Geography at Portsmouth as a Lecturer. This is now the School of the Environment, Geography and Geoscience where my current leadership role is Associate Head of School (Students).  

My international research profile is in the geography of work, enterprise and gender. I recently won 2 awards at ISBE 2023 international conference (Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship) including Best Overall Conference Paper.

In November 2023, I became Co- Chair of the UK Women's Enterprise Policy Group.

Between 2019 - present, I have been working in a multi-partner team on the EU-Intereg-funded 'Accelerating Women's Entrepreneurship' project. This has led to a number of reports and academic publications.

I am an Executive Committee Member on the Institute of Small Business Economics (ISBE) 'Gender and Entrepreneurship Special Interest Group'. 

I currently lead modules on 'Uneven Cities, Planning and Design', 'Creative Economy and Urban Placemaking', 'Transport and Sustainability', 'Berlin Fieldtrip - Urban Renegeration', and 'Cold Environments Helsinki - Sustainable Urban Change'. I also contribute to other teaching in the School.

Research interests

An Economic Geographer with key research interests in gender, place and enterprise.

I have a strong international profile for my research on the above, in particular the related themes of women's enterprise, creative economy work; self-employment, spaces, places and practice of enterprise; gender, self-employment, work-life balance, parenting and work. My most recent  prize-winning paper at ISBE 2023 is on enterprise support ecosystems in disadvantaged places.

My research is especially concerned with the intersection of the economic and the social at the level of the working pratices of individuals and households.  Much of my research is applied - I recently published a policy review on family policy and entrepreneurship (2022 - Enterprise Research Centre). Locally, I am currently working on creative workspace availability with a group of artists looking for studio space. I am a key partner in a forthcoming event (February 2024) with Portsmouth City Council about workspace for art in the city.