Christopher David Pattison Portrait

Dr Christopher Pattison


I completed my PhD in May 2020, having studied a period in the very early universe called "inflation", during which the universe expanded by a very large amount in a very short amount of time. I was particularly interested in modeling quantum effects during inflation using a formalism called "stochastic inflation", and in models of inflation that violate the usual slow roll approximations. I also studied how the quantum effects during inflation impacted the formation of primordial black holes (black holes that formed in the early universe, before any stars formed) in the early universe (but after inflation).

I now work on innovation project here at the ICG. We take techniques, knowledge and software from astronomy and astrophysics and apply them to other areas of research (often in very different areas). For example, I work on a project that uses telescope software to study the spread of diseases through droplets, and also to use machine learning to diagnose fractured bones. 

I am also very interested in science communication. Outside of the university, I run a YouTube channel that looks at a wide variety of cosmology topics and astronomy news.