I'm an expert researcher in data analysis for Zooniverse citizen science projects, building general purpose data analysis tools, and helping to make astronomy more accessible to people with vision impairments.


I'm a Citizen Science and Outreach Fellow for the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation and act as the Technical Lead of the Tactile Universe project.  I joined the ICG in 2014 after completing my PhD at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

Research interests

My current research interst fall into several catagores:

  • Zooniverse data analysis: As a developer for the Zooniverse I am building a general purpose data aggregation tool box to help research turn clicks into science
  • Tactile Universe: I am the technical lead for the Tactile Universe project which creating 3D printable tactile models of galaxies to help teach students with vision impairments about astronomy.
  • Global Earth Model: As part of the GEM team I am designing and building the coding infrastructure that will be used to create a digital twin of the earth
  • Statistics: I am interested in learning about advanced statistical techniques and learning how to apply them large data set