I am fortunate to work in many geologically exciting parts of the world, collaborating with a wide range of talented researchers. This typically involves detailed field-based studies within a multidisciplinary approach. Currently my research emphasises volcano geodynamics and hazards, particularly flank instability, structural geology and tectonics, particularly neotectonics, and palaeoseismology and earthquake hazards. My teaching experience, gained on both sides of the Atlantic, additionally includes field geology and remote sensing interpretation, geological resources and the environment, and igneous and metamorphic petrology and petrography.

Research Interests

Current research projects

  • Tectonic causes of volcano failure and possible premonitory signals. NATO International Lithosphere Programme, with Prof Alessandro Tibaldi, University of Milan.
  • Tectonic and geophysical analysis of the outer forearc of the Hellenic subduction zone, western Crete.
  • Research collaboration with Prof Filippos Vallianatos, Technological Educational Institute of Crete.
  • Neotectonic and palaeoseismological studies of the Talas - Fergana fault zone, Tien Shan mountains, Kyrgyzstan. Collaboration with Dr Andrey Korjenkov and Prof Ernes Mamyrov, Institute of Seismology, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
  • Geodynamic behaviour and volcanic hazards of Mount Etna.  Research collaboration with Dr Marco Neri of the Italian National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology, Catania, Sicily.
  • Studies of active deformation and earthquake hazards in the Hikurangi forearc, North Island, New Zealand.
  • Research in collaboration with Dr Rodney Grapes, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Volcano behaviour, volcanic hazards and volcanism-related mineral resources. European Science Foundation with Dr Alexandru Szakacs, Sapientia University, Romania, and Dr. Ioan Seghedi, Institute of Geodynamics, Romanian Academy.
  • Ground movements in eastern Sicily and their geotechnical significance. Research collaboration with Dr Laurance Donnelly, Halcrow Engineering Ltd, Handforth, Cheshire.
  • Tectonic and palaeoenvironmental analysis of fault-bounded basins and associated sediments, eastern Turkey.
  • Research in collaboration with Dr Salih Bayraktutan, Erzurum University, Turkey.

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