Course Leader for BA (Hons) Film Studies/Film Industries. I completed a PhD in cultural representation in Zombie media texts in 2010 at the University of Portsmouth. I have taught at the University of Portsmouth since 2004, and teach on a variety of modules across Film and Media, as well as contributing to Learning Resources for A Level students. In particular I created and co-ordinate the Unit Researching Genre, a specific horror-orientated unit. This is alongside my other teaching responsibilities for all levels of study at the University, from undergraduate to doctoral level. 

Research interests

With interests in popular culture, film, media and changing social contexts, my research centres on representations of the horrific in culture, ranging from animation and comics through to Zombie walks. I have contributed to edited collections on subjects that range from George Romero, zombies as figures of protest to American Horror Story. I have contributed to teaching aids for genre studies, and regularly present at conferences and public events. 

 While my research interests are focused on horror in popular culture, there are many crossovers with different areas of expression and form, such as Surrealism, Animation and Comedy: elements which I also refer to in my research.