I am a Principal Researcher in the field of Biomaterials, with background and expertise in organic chemistry, spectroscopy, and materials characterisation.


After working as a Chemist in Industry and teaching organic chemistry as a Senior Lecturer in Romania (where I took my Ph.D. in Chemistry, specializing in the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds), I continued my research training in the UK (University of Portsmouth) and Germany (Institute of Organic Chemistry, Heidelberg). I returned to the University of Portsmouth in 2000 as a Leverhulme Trust Fellow, and then in 2001, I joined the permanent staff as a Senior Researcher, becoming a Principal Researcher in 2009.

I have complemented my studies lately part-time with an Executive MBA degree from the University of Portsmouth (2011, AMBA accredited), and I have substantial experience in managing a variety of research projects and as an evaluator. Working within the School of Pharmacy and the Institute of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, I am involved in both research and teaching activities.

Research interests

My main research interests are in the area of biomaterials, nanotechnology, and drug delivery systems, and my current research work builds on the results obtained in recent projects focusing on nanoparticulate carriers for drug delivery to the brain, which attracted significant funding from BBSRC, UK charities, and EU.

I am currently doing research on the preparation and characterisation of hybrid polysaccharide nanoparticles and nano/microfibers for general drug delivery applications using electrohydrodynamic atomization.

In the past, I have undertaken varied research projects in the areas of:

  • controlled drug delivery systems based on hydrogels and micro/nano particulates for ophthalmic and colonic delivery;
  • polymeric antifouling materials (perfluorinated and silicone coatings);
  • pharmaceutical/medicinal chemistry (azo crosslinkers and tumour-selective carborane-based BNCT agents).

I also operate the Biomaterials Research Laboratory in providing commercial access to our facilities and expertise in material characterisation, with the aim of connecting to local businesses and increasing the regional impact of our activities.

Teaching responsibilities

I teach on a variety of MPharm courses at all levels, on subjects related to pharmaceutical chemistry, and drug design and development.

I run final year research projects (level M), and I have successfully supervised many doctoral students to completion on topics related to nanoparticles and other biomaterials for drug delivery or antifouling applications.