I was born and educated in Portsmouth and attended Portsmouth Polytechnic from 1977-1980 where I completed a degree in Historical Studies. I embarked on a PhD on a part-time basis while working at the University of Southampton in 1993 and finally graduated in the summer of 2003.

I have worked as a frelance consultant for the Centre for Public Scrutiny between 2004 and 2010. I was also a non-executive director of Portsmouth Healthcare NHS Trust from 1996-2001. I served as a local authority councillor in Southampton from 1986-1990 and in Portsmouth from 1995-2004 and was elected again in 2019 in Portsmouth.     

Research interests

I have intersts in the history and politics of the Labour Party and the history and politics of local government. I am currently investigating how the Labour Party thought about the role of local government in the years from 1900-1945. I am also working on a history of Southanpton Trades Council with a view to having their minutes and annual reports from 1900-1939 published with an explanatory essay in a volume for the Southampton Record Series.

Teaching responsibilities

I have taught undergraduate students at all three levels and postgraduate students for the Masters in Public Administration. I coordinate a unit on British political leadership and teach on other units including political Thought (level 4) and Ideology and Politics (level 5) I have prviously taught on the unit 'How to study political science', Global Issues, Political Economy and Policy and Politics, Anlysing Public Policy.  

Media availability

I am available to provide comment and analysis on contemporary or historical issues relating to British politics and local government.