I am a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics, and a member of the Logistics and Operational Research Group at the University of Portsmouth. My research interests include transport and the environment, supply chain management and green supply chains and logistics. I have a numerative academic background with a degree in Mathematics, Masters degree in Operational Research and a PhD in Transportation.

Before starting this role, I gained around 14 years of experience in the area of transport research, working for 6 years at the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) and 4 years at the Transportation Research Group (TRG) at the University of Southampton. I worked on a number of EU, Government and commercial consultancy projects in areas such as transport and the environment, public transport, high speed rail, bus priority, urban traffic control and junction design modelling. I have 8 published journal papers in addition to a number of conference papers, published reports and magazine articles. Currently, I'm working on the EU INTERREG 2OM project which is looking into reducing the costs of offshore wind energy and optimising the maintenance schedules for the wind turbines. This research is also looking into how the wind energy supply chain can be enhanced.

Research interests

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Applications of Operational Research in Transportation, Logistics, and Renewable Energy
  • Co-investigator, 2OM (EU-Interreg, 2012-2015), LEANWIND (EU-FP7, 2013-2017)