I hold BA (2005) and MA (2012) degrees in Psychology from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. In 2014, I joined the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Programme in Legal Psychology. I was supervised by Professors Aldert Vrij and Lorraine Hope and Dr. Samantha Mann at the University of Portsmouth and by Professors Pär Anders Granhag and Leif Strömwall at the University of Gothenburg. I completed my PhD in September 2017, and I am currently working as a Research Associate in Professor Vrij’s research group.

Research Interests

My doctoral thesis project examined various interviewing techniques that may enhance lie detection in forensic contexts. I was specifically interested in eliciting differences in statement consistency between lie tellers and truth tellers. My current work as a Research Associate expands on my thesis project as I use statement consistency in memory-based lie detection. I am also working on other projects to improve lie detection when maps are used as an interview tool and when suspects discuss opinions.

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