I joined the Centre for Blue Governance in July 2022 as a Research Fellow of the UNESCO Chair in Ocean Governance. I obtained my PhD in Audiovisual Translation Studies in 2021. Before that, I received an MA in Film and Television Studies at the University of Portsmouth.  I am also the Communication Lead of the Democratic Citizenship Thematic Research Area.

Research interests

My PhD at the University of Portsmouth is focusing on Audio-visual Translation Studies (English-Chinese). In particular, I concentrate on the genre and style analysis of Chinese fansubbing translation from the perspective of applied linguistics, specially with Halliday’s framework of the Systemic Functional Grammar (SFG).

My current research is concentrating on the discourse analysis around blue economy, suatainability, human rights and labour. My research is built on linguistics theoretical frameworks, exploring how languages work on media platforms (film, TV programme and social media etc.) within specific cultural/ social context.