I am Dr. Hongjie Ma, currently serving as a Senior Research Fellow in the Innovative Industrial Research group at the University of Portsmouth's School of Energy and Electronic Engineering. My journey in the field spans over a decade, deeply rooted in both AI-based diagnostics/optimisation and embedded system development.

Leveraging my interdisciplinary background, I've successfully bridged the realms of artificial intelligence and embedded systems. This synergy is evident in my extensive list of publications. In just the past five years, I've contributed to over 20 scholarly articles across esteemed journals, collectively amassing more than 500 citations. Such contributions underscore the relevance and impact of my research within the academic and broader technical community.

Collaboration has been a cornerstone of my work. I've been involved as PI/CoI/key contributor in more than 10 research funding bodies including Innovate UK, EPSRC, Horizon Europe, and KTP etc. Notably, my research was acknowledged in REF 2021 under UoA12. As a Co-Investigator, I had the privilege to submit 2 out of the 4 impact case studies, reflecting the tangible outcomes and influences of my efforts.

Beyond my individual research pursuits, I'm dedicated to fostering collaborative academic environments. I took on the role of Convenor for the Researchers' Network in 2022 and have been an active chair member of the IEEE Smart World Congress, an endeavour that led to my receipt of the IEEE leadership award. Additionally, I've had the opportunity to shape academic discourse as a guest editor for a couple of journals, such as the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering.

Research interests

  • AI-based abnormal detection
  • AI-based decision optimisation
  • Embedded Systems for Machine Learning
  • Smart industrial sensor and system

Teaching responsibilities

  • Artificial Intelligence (M21411)
  • Real-time Embedded System (M21410)
  • Foundation of Artificial Intelligence (M33615)