Research Interests

  • Combinatorial optimisation (approximation algorithms and approximation hardness)
  • Applied problems related to the combinatorial optimisation
  • Graph Theory
  • Educational software for discrete mathematics


I am a Senior Lecturer at the School of Computing, University of Portsmouth. Before holding the position of lecturer and later associate professor (1988-2001, 2004-2008) at the Comenius University in Bratislava, I studied mathematics and computer science at the Charles University in Prague. After receiving my PhD from Comenius University, I held a research position at the Christian-Albrechts Universitat in Kiel (2001-2004) working mainly in the area of approximation hardness. I was involved in various research projects and spent some time doing research at the University of Copenhagen and University Dauphine, Paris. In 2009 I was appointed by the University of Portsmouth. My research interests include structural graph theory, colouring problems and combinatorial optimization, mainly approximation algorithms and approximation hardness results.

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