I am a Professor in Biomechanics, the biomechanics field leader and Head of the Research Group in Breast Health. I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of Chichester (1999). I am a BASES accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist and a fellow of BASES.

As a Professor my role focuses mainly on research having taught on many undergraduate and Master's level Biomechanics modules in the past. I am unit coordinator for the MSc Applied Biomechanics module and supervise many undergraduate, MRes and Postgraduate research students.

Research interests

My research interests are in the area of bra science and breast health. I head the Research Group in Breast Health internationally renowned for research on the biomechanics of the breast. This group has developed a unique database on the breast comfort and support requirements of thousands of women since their research began in 2005.

The Research Group in Breast Health is responsible for more than half of the scientific publications in the area and regularly presents work internationally. My team are also well known within the commercial sector, with research projects funded by many of the major lingerie, sports bra, and sporting apparel manufacturers around the world.

The group’s Breast Health initiatives include collaborative programmes with schools, military servicewomen, athletes and clinical populations. As head of the research group I not only aim to increase knowledge in the area, but also to raise awareness of this importance aspect of women’s health. The Research Group in Breast Health has achieved £millions of collaborative funding, journal publications, national and international research presentations and international media coverage, including television and radio.