Jodie Eleanor Pinnell Portrait

Miss Jodie Pinnell

Education and Childhood Subject Area Leader

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With a passion for the outdoors and both formal and informal teaching approaches, I am following a career as a lecturer and undergraduate course leader in Higher Education. My previous role was in Further Education (FE) where I completed my Master's degree in Outdoor Education, continuing my research interests with publication on a journey to complete a PhD. I seek to continue my professional development and strive to innovate my practice, sharing with others, especially in regards to technology-enhanced learning. My research interests are mainly ‘action centered’ and currently encompass technology and learning (digital tools, online delivery, digital assessment, and practitioner confidence), outdoor learning, and pastoral care for undergraduate students. I aim to be a reflective practitioner and to develop my ability and desire to improve every aspect of my practice; welcoming new projects and regularly trialing approaches for effectiveness.

  • I have experience working in various educational environments, including outdoor settings (UK and abroad), multi-day expeditions, outdoor activities, formal education environments, and online; 

  • Working with both children and young people in outdoor education has given professional insight into various aspects of my discipline (Childhood Studies);

  • I am currently leading the undergraduate course in Childhood & Youth Studies;

  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (Advance HE); 

  • Integral to the University’s ‘Study Buddy’ online provision for children in response to Covid-19 and remote working/ homeschooling;

  • Creation and development of undergraduate employability ePortfolios; 

  • Delivery of ‘sharing good practice’ sessions school and university-wide.