I was appointed as a full-time lecturer at the Faculty of Business and Law in January 2005 and work within the Economics and Finance subject group.  I was awarded a PhD by the University of Portsmouth following the submission of my thesis entitled ‘Studies in licit and illicit markets for digital entertainment goods’.  My main academic interests relate to microeconomics and industrial organisation, specifically markets for entertainment goods as well as the ways in which the growth of the digital economy has affected economic interactions and activities.

Research interests

I have undertaken research into a wide variety of industries and markets, particularly for entertainment and cultural goods.  I have published papers in a number of leading journals, including the European Journal of Operational Research, Managerial and Decision Economics, Information Economics and Policy and The Journal of Cultural Economics. I have undertaken applied empirical research into the markets for video games, movies and music, investigating issues such as the determinants of sales, piracy and file sharing activity and the influence of critical reviews upon consumer behaviour.  Another focus of my research is the digital economy and how its emergence has affected key behaviours and interactions within entertainment and other markets.  I am currently researching the impact of digital economy upon the voluntary and not-for-profit sectors, with a specific focus on crowdsourcing and citizen science projects.