I have previously written and directed two narrative shorts: Shake, Rattle and Roll (1997) and Come Again? (1998). While studying in Canada, I developed a personal documentary about illegitimacy, entitled Bastard (2001). My work has been screened at Raindance, Docupolis, The One Minute Film & Video Festival and the International Tel-Aviv Film Festival.

Additionally, I have toiled as a producer and editor on numerous short films. From 1983 to 1987 I was a set decorator at Pinewood Studios, working on such films as Aliens, Legend and Full Metal Jacket. In 1997 I was on the crew of Mike Figgis’ The Death of Sexual Innocence.

I graduated from the University of Newcastle at Northumbria’s Media Production Programme in 1998. Supported by a Commonwealth Scholarship, I went on to successfully complete a Film and Video Masters Degree at York University, Toronto. I am currently Assistant Head for the School of Film, Media and Communication.