I am Lecturer in undergraduate and postgraduate thermodynamics courses in mechanical and petroleum engineering.

My background is in organic chemical technology and polymer engineering, and I have a MSc in Materials Science.

During my PhD project “Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Interfacial Phenomena Associated with Wetting and Spreading of Trisiloxane Solutions” at the School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh, I developed a great passion for wetting and evaporative behaviour of complex fluids, including nanoparticle dispersions and surfactant solutions.

My other research interests in the domain of surface science include hydrophobic emulsions and their application as exterior treatments, as well as the use of colloidal systems in heat transfer related processes.

My more recent research encompasses hybrid thermodynamic cycles and renewable energy.

I'm a member of Advanced Polymers and Composites Research Group, and the Thermo-Fluid, Petroleum and Energy Engineering Research Group at the School of Engineering.

Research interests

  • Wetting and spreading of surfactant solutions
  • Dynamics of evaporation of nanoparticle dispersions
  • Water-repelling emulsions for masonry protection and prevention of biofouling
  • Organic/hybrid Rankine cycle and renewable energies