Recent Publications

Thompson‐Whiteside, H., Fletcher‐Brown, J., Middleton, K., & H., Turnbull, S. (2022) Emergence at a time of emergency, Journal of Business Research, in print

Middleton, K., Thompson‐Whiteside, H., Turnbull, S., & Fletcher‐Brown, J. (2022). How consumers subvert advertising through rhetorical institutional work. Psychology & Marketing39(3), 634-646.

 Fletcher-Brown, J., Turnbull, S., Viglia, G., Chen, T., & Pereira, V. (2021). Vulnerable consumer engagement: How corporate social media can facilitate the replenishment of depleted resources. International Journal of Research in Marketing38(2), 518-529. 

 Fletcher-Brown, J., Pereira, V., & Nyadzayo, M. W. (2018). Health marketing in an emerging market: The critical role of signaling theory in breast cancer awareness. Journal of Business Research86, 416-434.

 Thompson-Whiteside, H., Turnbull, S., & Fletcher-Brown, J. (2021). How women in the UAE enact entrepreneurial identities to build legitimacy. International Small Business Journal39(7), 643-661. 

 Fletcher-Brown, J., Carter, D., Pereira, V., & Chandwani, R. (2021). Mobile technology to give resource-based knowledge management advantage to community health nurses in an emerging economies context. Journal of Knowledge Management. 25(3), 525-544 

 Fletcher-Brown, J. (2020). Reflexivity and the challenges of collecting sensitive data in India: a research note. Qualitative Research20(1), 108-118.

Sharples, L., Fletcher-Brown, J., Sit, K., & Nieto-Garcia, M. (2023) Building Workforce Resilience in a Crisis using Internal Communications: a cruise sector analysis. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Management 

 Sharples, L., Fletcher-Brown, J., Sit, K., & Nieto-Garcia, M. (2022). Exploring crisis communications during a pandemic from a cruise marketing managers perspective: an application of construal level theory. Current Issues in Tourism, 1-16. [ABS2*methodology, data analysis and conceptualization] published with PhD student Liz Sharples


Judith is an Associate Professor and although originally qualifying in Law she pursued a career in marketing and transferred to lecturing on a full time basis. She has been teaching Marketing for over 20 years. Judith is expert in investigating Social Marketing health intervention campaigns and the interdisciplinary nature of her work has led to co-authoring with 10 authors from 6 different countries. Judith is Chair, Faculty of Business and Law Ethics Committee and member of the NHS ethics committee (Hampshire).

Research interests

Dr.Judith Fletcher-Brown is an Associate Professor at the University of Portsmouth UK. As a ‘late-to-research-career academic’ Judith has pioneered Social Marketing health and well-being research investigating vulnerable communities including, women with breast cancer in India and the the prevention of violence against women and girls in the School of Strategy, Marketing and Innovation. Judith is motivated to tell the stories of vulnerable communities and is currently pioneering the development of a mobile health App, for use by community nurses in India. Judith continues to make significant contributions to knowledge about vulnerable consumers and has published in top tier, peer-reviewed journals including International Journal of Research in Marketing and Journal of Business Research and via consultative and externally funded projects . Judith's work closely adheres to the UN SDGs; 1 No Poverty, 3 Good Health and Well-being and, 5 Gender Equality.