I am a senior lecturer in the school of Mechanical and Design Engineering (SMDE) in the faculty of Technology. I joined the school back in May-2019 with teaching and research duties. My main research background is on machining aerospace materials using experimental and numerical techniques. 

Before joining the University of Portsmouth, I worked at Cardiff University as a postodoctoral research associate project officer in ASTUTE2020 (A european funded project). Working with leading academic experts in close collaboration with industry, developing impactful, state-of-the-art research-based solutions to the real-world problems facing advanced manufacturing businesses and their supply chains throughout West Wales and the Welsh Valleys. Some of the role activities included the provision of substantive, quantifiable, practical assistance to manufacturing enterprises through high quality applied research and development projects in collaboration with industry partners which combines industrial and academic experience. 

Research interests

  • Machining metals, composites and fibre metal laminates.
  • Finite element modelling of machining metallic alloys and composite materials.
  • Additive layer manufacturing of metallic alloys.

I have good experience collaborating with various engineering companies nationally and internationally. I also have collaborative links with different academics in France, Turkey, Netherlands, China and Australia. I am currently providing pastoral care to PhD research projects in the areas of machining aerospace materials. In the past few years, I worked on different engineering projects which investigated the use of conventional and non-conventional machining technologies of aerosapce materials. My current research projects include studying the effect of cutting tools coatings, geometry, fibre orientation and cooling technologies on the machinability of S2/FM94 glass fibre composites and GLARE® fibre metal laminates. Currently supervising the following PhD projects:

Project title





Experimental and numerical study of multi material type GLARE



Institut Clément Ader- France

National Engineering School of Tunis- Tunisia

University of Portsmouth

Pastoral Care

Utilisation of poly drill in machining aerospace materials



Edith Cowan University- Australia

University of Portsmouth

Third Supervisor



Teaching responsibilities

Current Teaching Responsibilities:

  • Introduction to Design.
  • Introduction To Design (Metrology)
  • Engineering Materials And Design (module co-ordinator).
  • Materials And Manufacture.
  • Introduction To Materials And Manufacture.
  • Advanced Materials.

 Past Teaching Responsibilities:

  • Engineering practice (module co-ordinator).
  • Advanced Engineering Materials.
  • Materials and Manufacturing Technology.