I obtained my Bachelor with Honours in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Griffith University in 2018 and my Master in Criminological Research from The University of Cambridge in 2020. My first thesis was focused on exploring prevention mechanisms for child sexual abuse, utilising offenders as a source of expert knowledge, through a situational crime prevention framework. The second involved understanding the types of relationships that sex offenders develop while imprisoned on a vulnerable prisoners unit and the types of support they offer each other as it has a significant impact on their prison experience which influences the reintegration process. Currently, I am a PhD student at the university exploring non offending minor attracted people and looking at mental health preventative measures. I have also obtained my teaching qualification i.e. Associate Fellowship in Advance HE as of March 2022.

Research interests

Sexual offending prevention

Sex offender rehabilitation and reintegration

Minor Attracted People (MAPs)


Secondary data analysis

Qualitative methodologies

Mixed-method research

Teaching responsibilities

Essential Skills for Criminologists (L4)

Understanding Criminology (L4)

Criminal Justice (L4)

Questioning Criminology (L5)

Hate Crime (L5) module coordinator

Researching Criminology (L5)

Penology and Prison (L5)

Treatment and Rehabilitation of Offenders (L6)