I am a senior lecturer in Enterprise Education and have a keen research interest around the entrepreneurial mind-set, creativity and resilience, as well as the use of blogging, social media and digital communication for effective online business promotion.

An award-winning social entrepreneur, I have designed educational boardgames for use in PHSE education, and explored the link between creativity and self-efficacy to engage the disengaged. The utilization of different pedagocial techniqes can help raise the aspirations of those who are not in education, employment, or training.

I have a background in social pedagogy, as well as other more creative endevours, such as arts and entertainment journalism, short film festival participant, and illustration based enterprises.


Research Interests

I undertook a period of reserach investigating the lived experiance of BSc level Games students undertaking an enterprise placement year starting their own indie business. This informed best practice for higher education enterprise curriculums, making recommendations for learning and teaching.

My most current research interest areas are around blogging for business, social media and digital marketing strategies for start-up creative entrepreneurs and companies, using e-commerce platforms effectively, and crowdfunding.

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