Lisa Hyatt Portrait

Mrs Lisa Hyatt


Lisa qualified as a Registered Nurse (Adult) in 2009 at the University of Southampton, and has since had the privilege of working in a variety of clinical settings in the NHS. Her practice specialism is in Research Nursing and she has lead the delivery of a wide range of clinical trials and research studies across various clinical settings including in stroke, medicine for older people, oncology, haematology, infection control and microbial carriage. This role involved operationalising research protocols, collecting data and undertaking study procedures, receiving informed consent from people taking part in research, and monitoring the safety and wellbeing of research participants. Her latter role in the NHS saw her oversee the quality and safety of research over a number of sites in a community NHS trust, where she was responsible for research ethics and governance, developing policies and standard operating procedures, quality assurance, and providing training to new research and clinical staff.

Lisa joined the School of Health and Care Professions at the University of Portsmouth in 2018 and teaches across the BN (Hons) Nursing Programmes and the MSc Physician Associate Course. She is the Module Coordinator for the Level 6 Service Improvement Project and Level 7 Quality Improvement Project modules, and the year 3 lead for the BN (Hons) Nursing programmes. Lisa's teaching interests draw from her clinical experience in research, focusing on evidence-based practice and quality improvement.

Research interests

Lisa's research interests are eclectic. Due to her role as a Research Nurse in the NHS, she has a wide range of research skills including understanding the networks and systems within the NHS that impact on the feasibility of research protocols, and experience of recruiting participants to a wide variety of study designs. 

Her current research focuses on supporting healthcare students: projects include understanding how students engage with blended learning curricula; evaluating the preparedness of newly qualified nurses to engage with quality and safety issues in practice; and supporting the wellbeing of students during the Covid-19 pandemic.