After completing a PhD in Neurosciences in France (EPHE and University of Montpellier 2) and 9 years as a postdoc and associate lecturer in Germany (Institute of Zoology, Hannover), I joined the Centre for Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology as a Marie Curie Research Fellow in October 2014.

I was the PI of the 2-year project ‘Macacognitum’ (2014-2016) where I investigated the differential influence of social style on cognitive skills in closely related monkey species. I conducted observations and cognitive experiments in several European facilities: Monkey Haven on the Isle of Wight, Parco Faunistico Piano dell'Abatino in Italy (collaboration with Dr Arianna De Marco) and at the BPRC, The Netherlands (in collaboration with Prof Liesbeth Sterck).

I was appointed lecturer in the department in September 2017. I got promoted to Senior Lecturer in January 2018 and to Associate Professor in Cognitive Ethology in September 2023. I have been the co-director of the Centre for Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology since 2020.

Research interests

My research interests lie in the evolutionary dynamics of human and non-human primate behaviour and intelligence. I investigate the link between sociality and cognitive styles, socioecology and foraging decisions and movements as well as executive functions (working memory, inhibitory control)in different species of non-human primates and in humans. I conduct my research in collaboration with zoo institutions (e.g. Monkey Haven, Isle of Wight; CERZA zoo, France) but also in the field (e.g. Madagascar, Indonesia).

Current external collaborations include:

I am part of the open science and collaborative projects ManyPrimates and MacaqueNet.

Research areas for MRes and PhD students:

  • Cognition in the wild
  • Primate ranging decisions and socioecology 
  • Ecological complexity and evolution of cognition

with fieldwork in Indonesia or Madagascar


Teaching responsibilities

I am the coordinator of the 2nd year unit 'Individual Differences and Psychometrics'  where I teach most of the core lectures on Personality and Intelligence. This is a core unit for the Bsc (Hons) Psychology, BSc (Hons) Forensic Psycholoogy and the BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Psychology.

I also teach in the 3rd year 'Cultural Psychology' unit.

I am a tutor for the 1st year 'Exploring Psychology' unit and the 2nd year 'Professional Development and Employability' unit.

I supervised 3rd year students for their final year project.