I received my Ph.D. in MIS from the UK Open University in 1998, and am currently Professor in Information Management and Head of Operations and Systems Management at the University of Portsmouth. My specialist interests are in strategic information management and systems, eCommerce strategy and implementation, ICT application for business, and traceability systems in global supply chain. I lead several research and KTP projects on business intelligence, knowledge management and activating ageing workforce. 

Research interests

Strategic information scanning, refining and reporting; Executive information systems (EIS) and Business Intelligence; Knowledge management; e-Business/m-Business strategy and logistics; Cyber security; The application of ICT in organisations, Food safety in global supply chain. Current projects include: 1) Tracing food safety incidents for benchmarking, reporting and alerts; 2) A KTP to exploit and demonstrate hidden value within an integrated procurement process along complex global supply-chains, with Entec Global Ltd.