Matthew Dean Hull Portrait

Dr Matthew Hull


I am a Senior Teaching Fellow in the School of Mathematics and Physics.

I have a PhD degree in Physics from the University of Portsmouth, where I was awarded an STFC research studentship. My research was based on building alternative models of gravity with applications to cosmology.

I also hold an MSc degree, with distinction, in Theoretical Physics, specialised in Quantum Field Theory and Early Universe Cosmology, and an MMath degree in Mathematical Physics.

I have been teaching mathematics and physics at the University of Portsmouth continuously since 2014.

Research interests

Theoretical Physics: Modified Gravity, Particle Cosmology, General Relativity, Quantum fields on curved spacetime, Inflation, Dark Energy. 

Mathematics: Differential Geometry, Calabi Conjecture, Kahler-Einstein metrics, Lovelock's theorem.

Teaching responsibilities

M24198 Electricity & Magnetism

M24200 Introduction to Computational Physics

M20279 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

M23525 Particle Physics

M20739 Mathematical Foundations