Since my arrival in Portsmouth I have been part of the Great Britain Historical GIS Project team. During that time I have contributed to numerous research projects including the lottery-funded creation of the local history website “A Vision of Britain through Time”, which presents the history of Great Britain through places over the last 200 years. In 2007 I became team leader for a JISC-funded project which expanded this website. Since then I have project managed various smaller projects and have worked on a range of consultancy projects.


I graduated from the University of Birmingham and also hold an MA from the University of Leicester and an MSc in Geographical Information Systems from the University of Portsmouth. In addition to my research position I am currently a part-time PhD student at Portsmouth.


Research Interests

  • Historical GIS - the development of vector GIS material for use with statistics in creating long-running time series for national, regional and local level statistical mapping
  • Administrative Unit ontologies and Historical Gazetteers - the creation and refinement of a structure used to support the use of multiple administrative unit hierarchies and an administrative unit gazetteer within a single database system
  • Historical Land Use - several smaller grants have involved pilot projects evaluating surviving data, creating and editing digital content, and investigating the suitability of automated analysis tools for use with raster images of historical land utilisation maps
  • Medieval Landscapes

My PhD research, inspired by a continuing interest in medieval and landscape history, is focused on using modern spatial analysis techniques to re-examine documentary evidence surviving from the later medieval period. My first supervisor is Dr Alastair Pearson.