Priyanka has completed a PhD in Chemistry, specializing in nanomaterials and biomedical spectroscopy from Australia. Following which, she has gained valuable research experience in working with global leaders in specific domains in LMU Munich Germany, ICN2 Barcelona Spain and UoE Exeter UK. She joined Portsmouth in September 2022 as a Senior Lecturer in bioanalytical chemistry.

Her research focusses on Development of novel technologies for disease diagnosis at an early pre-symptomatic stage using a synergistic combination of gold nanostructures and unique Raman spectroscopic techniques. She is actively researching the following:

  1. Noninvasive Cancer imaging: locating cancer tumour in vivo 
  2. Biosensing: disease biomarker detection from tissue biopsies and liquid biopsies
  3. Plasmonic biosensors: Gold nanostructures and their controlled assemblies as signal boosters and sensors for disease diagnosis.

Priyanka welcomes interested MRes students, PhDs and postdocs to contact her at